March 3, 2009

18-piece Burr on Vimeo

I thought I'd try uploading the animation to Vimeo to compare video compression with the Flickr video. This is a marked improvement, but I notice there are a few funny jerks in the flow of the animation that don't occur in the original mpg when played by Quicktime. I generated this with ffmpeg so I'd believe the flaw originated with me, but Quicktime will play the original mpg flawlessly. The same artifact can be seen in both the Flickr and Vimeo conversions. Very strange.

If I return to this again I'll probably render it in Nodebox. I'll have to supply the 3d rendering (backface culling, etc) myself, but Nodebox will happily output Quicktime natively (unlike VPython). Meanwhile it's nice to have a somewhat-better quality animation online. I'll probably stick to Vimeo from now on for stuff like this.